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Moving Stories Lent Resources 2018

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Moving Stories Lent Resources 2018

It was agreed to develop a 6 session Bible study resource on the theme of “Moving Stories” to be used at Lent 2018 and also suitable for other times. Various Bible stories and people were discussed and a variety were chosen.

The six items will be:

1.    Phoebe ~ commended as she leaves to go to a new community               

2.    Hagar ~ cast out to travel with Ishmael                                            

3.    Abram and Sarai ~ obeying God’s call to travel                      

4.    Joseph ~ trafficked as a slave sold by his brothers                          

5.    Paul and the Ethiopian eunuch

6.    Jesus ~ entry into Jerusalem

Each section will have the following structure:

·        Worship ~ a liturgy fitting the reading/theme

·        Bible reading ~ with explanation/reflection

·        Wesley’s Bit ~ something from John Wesley’s journal pertaining to the theme and a suggested Wesley hymn

·        Resources ~ film clip, quotations, images, poems pertaining to the theme

·        Discussion ~ questions to enable reflection and sharing of our own moving stories

·        Response ~ Stories and thoughts can be sent to District office for inclusion in “Moving Stories” collection

An additional resource will be prepared by Revd Michaela for Holy Week. 

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