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London District Focus on Migration 2017 – 2019

London is a diverse, vibrant and energetic city. Its excitement, complexity and challenges are exceptional. The mission of the Methodist Church in London is shaped by this exciting and challenging context. As disciples of Jesus Christ we work together to respond creatively to the opportunities and needs of this unique city.

Within this context migration is a key part of the story and a theme with which the churches, circuits and District wish actively to engage so that we might ‘change the story’ so that migration is celebrated rather than feared and engage with the challenges of issues linked to migration.

As part of this response the District is planning to focus on ‘Migration’ as a District theme for at least two years, commencing in September 2017.

Moving Stories - Aims

·         to recognise and celebrate that migration is very much part of the Methodist story

·         to release creative energy by encouraging the District to work together on a common theme

·         to enable all Circuits within the District to engage with the theme

·         to learn how church communities have been affected by migration and how they have involved themselves in the issues related to migration

·         to celebrate, tell and share stories of migration as we celebrate ‘Moving Stories’

·         to challenge those in power to tell the good news stories of migration and to better support migrants and the communities in which they come to live.

If you, your church or your circuit would like a batch of prayer cards regarding Moving Stories, please let the London District Office (admin@methodistlondon.org.uk) know!


Go to the Moving Stories Website: www.movingstorieslondon.com 

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