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Lent Reflections: Week Three, Reflections on Food

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Lent Reflections: Week Three, Reflections on Food



During the third week of Lent, we reflect on food. TV Dinners, lunch on the go, fast food … modern phenomenon that strike at the heart of the social aspect of sharing food.

Did you know that ‘companion’ originates from an old French word ‘compaignon’ meaning ‘one who breaks bread with another’? When Jesus invited himself to tea with Zacchaeus or dined with Pharisees he did so to break bread and become a friend, a companion, with those he met.

Why not  invite a work colleague or someone from church who you don’t know too well to a meal at your home or in a local restaurant? Or start a Restaurant Club, meeting every couple of months with people, taking it in turns to choose favourite or unusual places to eat? Eat together and get to know one other in the Jesus way.

During Lent the London Methodist Youth Board and Social Responsibility Commission are preparing reflections to share with you. A weekly message is included in the District Weekly Update Mailing and a short daily message will be sent to individual subscribers. If you would like to subscribe please contact olivia.connolly@stethelburgas.org

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