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Spirituality Advisory Group

Spirituality concerns our spiritual life – God’s dwelling in each of us and our dwelling in God through the Spirit. It also concerns exploration and expression of our spiritual life in worship, prayer, discipleship, art and service – effectively it concerns our whole life. It is both corporate and individual, but it begins with the context of each follower, their perception of God and their life of prayer.

While circuits, churches and people can develop these areas unaided, it is sometimes helpful to have guidance in how to best grow in one’s spiritual life. It is my role to help facilitate, signpost and develop these aspects of our Christian life when needed/asked across the District.

Spirituality can be developed in a number of ways, including:

  • Reading - such as devotional or inspirational books
  • Quiet Days - taking time out alone or in groups for quiet contemplation and prayer
  • Guided prayer - churches/circuits can focus on prayer with a body of participants meeting daily for a week
  • Retreats - to focus on God in a new/different environment
  • Spiritual Direction/Accompaniment - an encounter, often one-to-one, to foster a person's spiritual growth
  • Exploring creative arts - to worship God in new ways



London Centre for Spirituality -  Offers resources for flourishing in the life of the Spirit - a place for deep listening and collected attention through which the mind of Christ can take root in our lives and our communities. See their programme of courses and events, including support / networking for spiritual direction a bookshop. 

SPIDIR -  An informal ecumenical Christian network promoting spiritual direction - courses and support for spiritual direction.

The Retreat Association - For listings of retreat houses, programmes and opportunities for exploring and deepening spirituality – including short courses run by RA.

Further resources - Methodist Connexion resources on Spirituality, including creative ways of how to pray

Imagining Abundance - A beautiful collection of the personal and theological journeys in spirituality of Revd Julie M Hulme

Heartsease - A retreat run by Revd Michael Sawyer and his wife Margaret.



Thin Places
People can encounter God anywhere. In the mountain peaks, or the gentlest of whispers God can be met (1 Kings 19.11-13). However, a 'thin place' is a place where God's presence is particularly or clearly felt. A place where many feel the Divine can be experienced more readily. These 'thin places' could be a quiet church, an inspirational gallery or a peaceful walk.

Beautiful Place
Click here to read a beautiful poem of encouragement by Monica Pryce-Ross, of the Battersea & Wandle Valley Circuit. A poem encouraging us to put our trust in God, even in the hard times.



We are searching for any 'thin places' where you have met with God, that others may benefit from and enjoy. We are especially interested in such places in and around London.
If you have any examples that you would like to share please contact the Spiritual Advisor, Pearl Luxon