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Circuit Stewards

Welcome to the corner of the website which seeks to be a one-stop shop for resources which might be helpful to Circuit Stewards as you seek to serve within the London District.  The twice yearly meetings of Circuit Stewards, together with our Induction session for new circuit stewards and specific training concerning the responsibilities of circuit stewards with regard to stationing offer opportunities for you to be supported in your responsibilities.  They also provide key opportunities to meet with other circuit stewards in order to share something of the wisdom, joys and challenges of being a circuit steward within the London District and to recognise you are not alone.

Alongside the support of fellow stewards and the ministers within your circuit, the District Team is keen to resource you in your work.  There is a District Administration and Communications Team who will often by your first port of call - see here for the contact details. Where appropriate they can put you in touch with other District staff and the District Resource Groups for human resources, property and finance who can support you in various ways. 



Circuit Stewards play a vital role in the life of the local Methodist Church. They work in partnership with presbyters, deacons, church workers and other stewards to enable people to find fulfilment and belonging within the Church.

People from all walks of life become Circuit Stewards each bringing their own experiences and abilities to the role. But the foundation for all circuit stewards' work is a love for, and relationship with, God, the Church and the world.

The tasks and involvements of a Circuit Steward may vary from Circuit to Circuit, but some skills and abilities essential to the role include:

  • A Christian faith and a commitment to working with responsibility in a voluntary capacity 
  • Leadership skills - which can mean flexibility and tenacity 
  • Team work skills - it is important to be collaborative and affirming 
  • Willingness to invest in positive friendships and relationships 
  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn on the job 

For more information on who/what/where/why and how Circuit Stewards, please visit the Methodist Connexion website here.


Upcoming Dates

There are several training opportunities and important dates that Circuit Stewards in the London District should be aware of. Below you'll find a list of all the ones coming up this year. If you have any questions/concerns regarding any of the dates, or think we've missed one, please contact the District Office.

Circuit Stewards Stationing Training - 

Monday 9th May 2016, 2.30pm, Methodist Central Hall, Westminster


As a Circuit Steward there are several documents that you will have been given over your time serving. Below you'll find an up to date list of all the relevant documents and resources, If we're missing anything that you need, please contact the District Office.


District Vision and Goals
Who's who in the District
District Budget and Circuit Assessments 2014
What is a Healthy Circuit

Role of Circuit Stewards

London District Circuit Stewards Induction Pack
What do Circuit Stewards do?


Summary of the Invitation and Stationing Process 2015
Stationing Code of Practice 2015
Initial Stationing Application - Presbyteral & Diaconal 2015
Circuit Profile 2015
Diaconal Profile 2015
Presbyteral Profile 2015
Circuit Stewards Stationing PowerPoint 2015 
Presbyteral/Diaconal Stationing PowerPoint 2015
Advice for Circuits reconfiguring 2015


Circuit Stewards Notices 2016
Summary of the Invitation and Stationing Process 2017
Stationing Code of Practice 2017
Diaconal Profile Form 2017
Presbyter Profile Form 2017


Supporting Ministers with ill-health
Supporting those with disabilities
upporting those experiencing stress

Finance and Property

Policy for Church and Circuit Benevolence Funds
Fraud in Methodist Trust Accounts (and how to avoid it)
Financial Governance and best practice for Trustees
District Advance Fund criteria and application forms
Guidelines for users of property
Manses - a guide for outgoing and incom,ing ministers and Circuits
Taxation Dictionary
Property Section


District Safeguarding
Connexional Safeguarding

Methodist Conference decisions/guidance

Responding to requests by same sex couples for prayers or services
Constitutional Practice and Discipline (CPD)

Papers and Notes of previous meetings

October 2013:
Regional Profile & District Goals
February 2014:
Calling Letter
October 2014:
District Youth Worker Presentation
Circuit Stewards Presentation 
Statioining Next Steps
February 2015:
Briefing Paper

Lay Employment

Lay Employement Advisory Pack
Further Lay Employee information 






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Code of Practice 2017.doc402.5 KB
Part 10 Responding to Requests by Same Sex Couples for Prayers or Services.docx17.17 KB
Notes Oct 2014.doc41 KB
Notes Feb 2015.docx12.92 KB
Best Practice for Trustees.pdf326.63 KB
Briefing paper for Circuit Steward Meeting Feb 2015.doc116 KB
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Calling letter for 18 Feb 2014.doc97 KB
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Regional profile and District goals 2013.docx23.91 KB
Profile form for deacons 2017.doc78.5 KB
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